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Ahw :c *hugs*

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:( best of luck! I think you’re really brave btw.

It’s not that traveling is actually scary, I’ve been to London like… dozens of times. I don’t even know. And I’ve been to the US six times, to 10 states, most of the time traveling on my own. And the actual TRAVELING hasn’t been scary.

But I always get travel jitters, and this time it’s worse cause I’ve been telling myself for ages that I can’t afford it, I only bought the plane tickets a few days ago, and I wasn’t sure until three days ago whether I’d run out of money halfway through the trip.

So I haven’t had time to mentally prepare myself and get properly excited, just nervous and worried, and even though it’s all worked out with money and staying and everything (and I even finished the drawing I’m giving to Neil Gaiman), my body hasn’t caught up. (And being anxious makes me really bad about eating regularly and healthily, which combined with nervousness gives me a very upset stomach.)

But I’ve got a packed schedule of amazing things and I’m seeing Carina again and I have enough money to not have to penny-pinch (I might even get myself a few more action figures), so it’s gonna be awesome once I actually get there.

tl;dr anxiety sucks

  1. fotisha said: I understand, I get anxiety/travel jitters a lot too. Tho logically it may seem unwarranted sometimes u can’t help how u respond physically. I just hope u feel better and try to concentrate on how much fun u will have! Relax ur shoulders & breathe :)
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