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Had fun colouring another page from the Eighth Doctor comics. (Full-size.)

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    Oops I thought this was just the actual comic AWESOME
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    Dream job: Colourist for the Doctor Who comics. Another full page of colouring for fun. Full-size.
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    "great. I’ve seen the future… And it’s PANTS."
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    This totally fits into the Ark in Space…no wait wasn’t that the 29th century where the solar flares made people want to...
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  13. ceribri said: You should do a post of this with the original side-by-side. Because damn this is amazing but it may just look a teeny bit even more impressive next to the original that shows exactly how much work you put into it. <3
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  15. quesozombiemoved said: you do these so well aahhhhh you should become a colorist amg
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